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Kitchen counter tops and fireplaces

Soapstone is often used for kitchen countertops. It acquires a patina with age and requires regular oiling for maintenance. It is very uniform in appearance. 







Care and maintenance for your Soapstone countertops

We recommend applying a light coat of Mineral Oil to all countertops upon installation. Mineral Oil enhances the inherent natural veining characteristics and crystallization detail of the stone. 

Versatility of finish is one of the great pluses of soapstone. Not everyone chooses to color enhance their soapstone. Some homeowners love the natural, untreated soft-gray look. Others choose to bring out the color with Mineral Oil. Some treat it weekly, others monthly and some treat only when company is coming. However, when treating with mineral oil, the more often you treat after installation, the sooner you will not have to do it as often.

Treated With Mineral Oil
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